Acrylic Painting Tips For Newbies

Acrylic is a great choice for amateur artists. The paints are made of plastic polymers and any mistake can be easily corrected by painting over or washing off with water.  Acrylic paintings also dry up very quickly and are water soluble, which can help painters to recreate the drip and smear effect with much ease. No toxic solvents are required for mixing the colors and compared to other modes, acrylic is very forgiving in the sense that it can even be entirely washed off with soap and water. Here are some acrylic painting tips for beginners.

acrylic painting tips

  1. Acrylic paints dry up very quickly, so keep a water mister in hand to keep your palette from drying up while working. You can also spray water directly over the canvas to ease up the mixing of different colors.
  2. Since acrylic paints are made of plastic polymers, they may not hold on to oily surfaces. So before you start painting, make sure that the surface you are painting is devoid of any oil or wax coating.
  3. Although you can dilute the paint with water to create a soft texture, painting directly using a dry brush will allow you to create sharp edges and a fluid texture.
  4. Always keep the acrylic painting tips in mind if you have still not mastered the art. Begin by painting the larger shapes and the background first. This way you can deal with a major portion of the painting quickly so that you will not have to repeatedly deal with the quick drying of the palette. You can then take your time and add the details.
  5. You can add delay drying medium to your paint while mixing to delay the drying time. These mediums are easily available in any stationary or art stores.
  6. Acrylic paints can be harsh on natural fiber brushes. Repeated use makes them dry and brittle causing them to lose shape. Also, cleaning becomes a challenge if the paint dries up on the brush. All of this can be avoided by using a synthetic brush which is available at a much cheaper price.
  7. Acrylic paints often tend to get darker after drying up. To get the desired shade of color, you can start by applying a lighter shade and then layer it up successively to get the desired richness. This is one of the foolproof acrylic painting tips on achieving the texture and sophistication of your desire.acrylic painting tips
  8. Layering is the key when it comes to achieving the right opacity. Since many colors are more transparent than the others, adding a hint of white paint or a more opaque color of similar shade can do the trick for you.
  9. When you are trying to cover up an area of the painting, first paint it over with a gray or white color. This will prevent the next layer from being transparent.
  10. One of the acrylic painting tips to get a complex and sophisticated finish is to mix it up with graphite, pastels or oil sticks. Since acrylic acts as an adhesive, you will find it easier to apply these over the coating of acrylic paint.

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